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Regular Savings, Birdie or TLT Accounts

Interested in taking advantage of some of the exciting services Frankenmuth Credit Union has to offer? This is the account that makes you an owner of the credit union and once you are an owner you are able to look in to acquiring additional services that Frankenmuth CU has to offer. Birdie accounts are for members 12 and under in age. TLT accounts are for young investors ages 13 to 17 and they both teach good savings habits and their importance. Savings rate information.

Kasasa Saver

Save more of everything - money, time, and energy - automatically. Innovative, free Kasasa Saver works with your equally free Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back checking account. Saving is easy - that is, when you have an account that does the heavy lifting for you. Do you Kasasa?

Wealth Builder Accounts

How would you like to earn an amazing rate of return on a totallly liquid account? That's right, no strings attached but still earn a great interest rate. Plus, we also have a Business Wealth Builder option too. Click here for rates.

Systematic Savings Accounts

Never been able to save but wish you could? Don't think you could ever save because you are barely making ends meet now. Anyone can save and with our Systematic Savings or Systematic IRA Savings accounts, you can too. How does saving $2,500 over four years sound to you? By saving less than $12 a week you could save roughly $2,500 in four years. And our Systematic Savings accounts give you the tools and discipline to do just that. 

Escrow Accounts

Need a separate account to save for insurances, taxes, home improvements or any other project or expense you are going to have in the future? Our Escrow account options give the perfect place to save money, separate from your other savings accounts. Savings rate information.

Christmas or Vacation Club Accounts

Need a separate account to save for Christmas or an upcoming exciting vacation get away? Our Christmas or Vacation Club accounts are just what you are looking for. There are no minimum balances or deposit requirements. See how quickly weekly deposit will add up and how easily you can reach your savings goal. Savings rate information

Growth Savings Accounts

Our Growth Savings Accounts* are a great way to earn a premium rate of return without any deposit or withdrawal restrictions!

Introducing Our 4 New Growth Savings Accounts!

I Growth Savings

  • Earn a good rate of return for investment balances starting at $5,000.

II Growth Savings

  • Members with a checking or credit card with Frankenmuth Credit Union may take advantage of this Growth Savings Account and earn an excellent interest rate. For investment balances starting at $25,000.

III Growth Savings

  • For those starting with investment balance of $50,000 here is your chance to take advantage of a top of the market rate with no deposit or withdrawal restrictions. This rate is so good! Members will need a checking and credit card with Frankenmuth Credit Union to take advantage of this account.

IV Growth Savings

  • With this Growth Savings Account you get to take advantage of the best of both worlds. This Growth Savings requires that member to have a checking** with FCU, which is a checking that earns an excellent rate of return already. Then add this account to your portfolio, for the ultimate rate of return on liquid money. For investors starting at $100,000.

*Please note, Growth Savings accounts are not tiered accounts and the rates do not change as balances change. Members must contact FCU and sign a new Truth-In-Savings Discolusure in order to change fom one Growth Savings product to another.
**To qualify for a Premier Checking account direct deposit is required.

Money Market Accounts

Money Market Insured Account

For investments starting as small as $1,000 you may take advantage of our Money Market Insured Account. This account pays rates competitive with local brokerage houses plus the added convenient benefit of access to your funds by check, online, in person or by phone.

MEGA Money Market Insured Account

For the savvy investor who has more of a balance and wants a higher return, but still needs to keep their funds liquid, we have the MEGA Money Market Insured Account. Similar to the regular Money Market Insured Account, members have access to their funds by check, online, in person or by ARU phone, or home banking. But unlike the Money Market Account it earns an even higher rate of return. Click here for additional rate information.

IRA Accounts

Traditional, Roth or Coverdell ESA IRAs

Frankenmuth Credit Union offers many different options for those members who are planning for their retirement. We offer the Traditional, Roth and Coverdell IRAs in both a savings account option or in any one of our high rate Certificate of Deposits products. Click Here for Frankenmuth Credit Union rate information.

For even more investment options...... we have the benefit of having our Member Investment Services representatives on staff. On top of FCU's IRA products, they are also able to offer much more.

DON'T FORGET...IRA money can also be invested into any one of our high rate Certificate of Deposit products also! 

Certificates of Deposit

Want to see your interest really ad up? Frankenmuth Credit Union has Certificates of Deposit to meet any investors needs. We have CDs from 3 months to 5 years, and every where in between.

Typically, our Certificates of Deposits earn the highest interest rates of all of our savings products and are an excellent way to watch your money grow. Investment minimum of as little as $500 to start.  Click here for additional rate information.

Ask us about our JUMBO CD's!

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