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Payday Lending

Yes, We Do Payday Loans

  • Fast and Easy!
  • No Credit Check Required!
  • Better Deal than Other PayDay Lending Sources

Frankenmuth Credit Union's Payday LendingMany of us experience one, if not many, unexpected emergencies in our lifetime that call for cash in a hurry. Often, we turn to payday lenders as a solution to these and other cash problems. The GoodMoney service at Frankenmuth Credit Union provides an alternative to payday lending, at a more reasonable price!

Pain Free Payday Loans
What you need for your Frankenmuth Credit Union GoodMoney payday loan:

  1.  2 forms of ID (i.e. valid driver's license and social security card)
  2.  Your current checking account statement covering 30 days and your checkbook.
  3.  Copy of most recent pay stub or income statement ( security statement)
  4.  Current billing statement in your name.
  5. An application; print off the application in the Related Links box on this page, visit any Frankenmuth Credit Union branch or contact us at for your application.
  6. Must be a member of FCU for 90 days or longer to qualify.

For more information on our Payday Lending service click here for an e-brochure.

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