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Kids Accounts

birdAt Frankenmuth Credit Union our commitment to our youth is huge. We have accounts such as our Youth Systematic Savings for age 12 and under, which pays out amazing rates. We have programs such as our Birdie B Good Savers Club, which teaches kids 12 and under it is fun to save by giving them a chance to pick out a toy from Birdie's Treasure Chest once they made ten deposits. We send birthday cards which rewards youth prizes when they bring in their birthday postcard and deposit some of their birthday money. All these programs are designed to get our young members on the right path to financial success.

No personal information from children under the age of 13 is collected from this site.

Student-Run Branches

Frankenmuth Credit Union has partnered with local schools to offer an educational experience like no other. FCU's student-run branches are affiliated many times with a business or finance class in the school. The class is responsible to run all of the activities in the branch with support by FCU staff. The class is responsible for the day-to-day activities like teller duties, marketing/promotion, staying within budget, and more. This program gives the students involved real world experience on how to run a successful business. As you can see our school branches are powered by Frankenmuth Credit Union, not run by us. Below is a list of the schools we are currently honored to have student run branches in:

  • Eagles Credit Union - Frankenmuth High School
  • Rock It Credit Union - Reese High School
  • Eagles Landing Credit Union - Juniata Christian School
  • Panther Credit Union - Birch Run High School


Each year FCU gives seven $2,000 scholarships to members graduating from high school and going on for high education. A great way to support our members and assist with developing our youth. Contact us via email for a scholarship.

Support Your Schools Check Program

Frankenmuth Credit Union has partnered with many of the school districts and parochial schools in our area to have specially designed checks for each school. When a member orders a box of these checks, FCU donates $2 to that school or district. It's a win-win! Parents can show their support for their school by using checks that have their kids school mascot on them and the schools win by receiving $2 per box.

Mini Educator Grants

For over eight years now FCU has offered our Mini Educator Grant program. We all know today that school budgets are strained and many times teachers end up buying items for the classroom out of their own pockets. This program allows teachers to dream and give them the funding to roll out programs they may never otherwise be able to do.

4H Livestock Grants

When children participate in 4H they learn valuable life lessons and are given the opportunity to earn some decent money to save and use to pay for education once they graduate from high school. The 4H grants give kids involved, or wanting to be involved in 4H, funding to assist them in participating. Contact us for a current 4H grant.

Fun Games and Information for Kids of all Ages

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Frankenmuth CU's Are you ReadyYoung Adult

 Are you Ready?  For Ages 16-18

No personal information from children under the age of 13 is collected and the credit does not derive a benefit from any links that collect this information.

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