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Here is a spot you can go to get answers to questions we commonly hear at Frankenmuth Credit Union. We will continue to update this page with new questions as they come in.

Q: What is Frankenmuth Credit Union's routing and transit number?

A: 2724 8013 1


Q: What is FCU's phone number?

A: We can be reached at 989-497-1600 or at 1-800-221-8880

Q: How come all of your mail goes to your Frankenmuth Main office?

A: Incoming mail goes to our mail center which is located at our main office. Mail is then distributed to the proper departments. This creates efficiencies and insures that the mail is distributed to the correct department or person.

Q: Can I get the direct phone number for a branch other than the main office?

A: Similar to what we stated above about creating efficiencies, we like to have a majority of our phone calls to be directed through our call center. This enables branches to have more time to work with members that come in to the branch. Of course, if there is a specific FCU staff person you need to talk to, you are always welcome to dial them directly or find them through our automated system.

Q: What is the fax number for a specific branch?

A: Go to our Locations and Hours page on our web site to find all of our branches fax numbers and physical locations.

Q: Why does my Frankenmuth Credit Union give away money to different groups?

A: Frankenmuth Credit Union has been blessed to have some good years recently. FCU board and management team wanted to give this back to our members. We looked long and hard at paying a special dividend to our members. Would we pay based on balances members kept with FCU, number of services they used, or length of membership? Every way the numbers were crunched, the results were the same. 80% of the members would receive pennies to a couple of dollars and 20% would receive slightly more. Would members even notice? Would it impact our membership? Then the idea was formed to start Frankenmuth Credit Union Foundation for Our Communities. The money would go in to this foundation so that we could do bigger things to improve the communities we serve. Stronger communities is a good thing for everyone that lives, works and plays in the communities we serve. Now with the Foundation you, our Frankenmuth Credit Union members, are providing things like a fire informational bounce house to a local fire department so that they can take this to schools and day cares to teach young children about fire safety, Chrome tablets to a 4th grade class to enrich their learning, money to a Farmers Market so that they can have their own property and build a year round spot for small business to sell out of and grow, and much more.

Q: What is eDeposit?

A: eDeposit is a way for members of FCU to take a picture of their check with their smart phone or tablet and deposit it remotely with FCU.

Q: What is VIP Rewards?

A: VIP (Value In Participation) Rewards is a way that FCU rewards it's members for the services they use and the balances they keep. Every month the system looks at the balance and services used and assigns point to each member. The more points FCU members receive, the more benefits they get.

Q: What is Kasasa?

A: Kasasa is a free rewards checking with benefits. Do you keep balances and prefer to receive a high rate of interest back on those funds? Kasasa Cash is your answer. Are you more a shopper and would like to get cash back on each of your debit card purchases? Kasasa Cash Back is perfect for you. Are you in to iTunes and Kasasa Tunes is going to be your preferred choice. Also, with Kasasa Cash and Kasasa Cash Back you can also get a Kasasa Saver savings and earn high rates of return on even more money. If you don't Kasasa yet, why not?

Q: What are Frankenmuth Credit Union branch hours?

A: All of our FCU branches do not have the same hours. Please go to the Hours & Locations page to find each of our branches hours.

Q: Why is the Main office so big now?

A: FCU is growing, which is a good thing for all members. More convenient locations and additional cutting edge products and services means more staff needed to continue to provide the level of service you our members need and deserve. Plus, our main office community room is rented out by you our members and requested to be used so much, that we many times can not full fill that need. So, also as part of the remodel, the main office features a larger community room that can be better divided into two rooms, to better meet the request to rent this area for private events and parties. For information on renting our community room, please go to the bottom of our Community Focus page.

Q: What are your holiday hours?

A: Typically FCU offices are closed to observe the following holidays:

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents Day
Good Friday (closed from Noon - 3pm)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Christmas Eve (close at 1pm)
Christmas Day
New Years Eve (close at 1pm)


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