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Kasasa Free Reward Checking

Choose the Kasasa Checking Account that is right for you!

"I resisted the switch (to Kasasa) because I thought there had to be a catch...but it's awesome! Love it. Should have switched sooner. Really appreciate being rewarded by my credit union." - Leslie 

Apply Online for a Frankenmuth CU Kasasa Cash Checking Account

Kasasa Cash

"My Kasasa declaration of love: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Kasasa you reward me for all that I do-oh, how I love you." -Renee

Kasasa Tunes

"I love my Kasasa account and looked forward to the day FCU started offering it. I think I was even one of the first ones to have it!!! When I brag about the APR I even have to tell them to check the website because it's almost unheard of. Thanks FCU and the Kasasa team!!!!" - Chris

Kasasa Cash Back

"Thank you for a rewards program like Kasasa. I max out my reward every month! I tell everyone to join Frankenmuth Credit Union. Loans, help and advice have never steered me wrong! - Vicki

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Kasasa & Qualification Cycle Calendar

*Members can apply for a Line of Credit loan that, if approved, will transfer money in to your checking account to cover transactions made. This loan can then be paid off in full or monthly payments can be made on it till the balance is paid off. **Qualification Cycle for Kasasa is the last day of the prior month through the second to last day of the current month.  Contact us for more information on rates.

Safe & Easy Checking

Looking for a basic checking with no fees, no minimum balances, no rewards, and no hoops? The Safe & Easy Checking is for you. All it requires is that you have your regular saving account open with its minimum balance. Comes with the ID Protect Coverage. Overdraft protection allowed through LOC and credit card.

Student Checking

Don’t yet have a checking, but think now might be the time? A checking account is a great way to get youth started on their own financial path. A checking with FCU coupled with our debit cards gives your budding financial guru the convenience of access to cash via ATM and the controlled purchasing power of a debit card. Also with our CardNav members can control where,  for how much and through which merchants their debit card is authorized to work through.

Senior Members

Members 60 and older can receive a free box of checks every time they redeem VIP points they have accumulated. When you celebrate your 60th birthday don't forget to let us know at your next check order.

Health Savings Checking For Health Savings Rates
(must have high deductible insurance plan)

  • Pays Interest? - Yes
  • Minimum Balance? - Tiered interest Rates by Balance
  • Overdraft Protection? - No
  • Online Banking Access - Yes
  • Earn VIP Points? - Yes

Need checks?  View our Check Styles here and then Contact Us at 989-497-1600 to order.


To Change PIN on FCU ATM/Debit Cards

  • Call 1.866.762.0558



  • Lost or Stolen Frankenmuth Credit Union Credit Card? Call 1.800.543.5073
  • Lost or Stolen Frankenmuth Credit Union Debit Card? Call 1.888.241.2510 (inside U.S.) or 1.909.941.1398 (outside U.S.)
  • Traveling and your credit card has been blocked?  Call 1.866.334.1048
  • Traveling and your debit card has been blocked?  Call 1.888.241.2440


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