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What? Summer is over…6/30/2015

Okay, no, really summer is just officially here!  Now what?  Do you really want to hear the kids say, “I’m so bored”?  Of course not, so here are five fun summer ideas to do with family and friends.

1. FLY A KITE- When was the last time you took your child outside to fly a kite?  Even if you can’t get the kite to take off, you are sure to have a good laugh.  So, when the sun is shining and some good winds come a-blowing, get out and fly a kite.

2. WATER FIGHT- Who doesn’t like to cool off on a hot sunny day?  Whether you are using a squirt gun, bucket of water or water balloons, enjoy the energy and excitement you get when it is actually okay for your kids to dump water on each other’s head.

3. PICNICS- No ants are welcome at my picnics, but family and friends are!  Go to the park or your favorite shade tree in your own backyard, lay out a blanket and get the picnic food out.  What could be more relaxing on a hot sunny day than sitting under a shade tree enjoying a PB&J with the crust cut off?

4. DAY AT THE BEACH- Who cares if you didn’t shed those five extra pounds?  Do you think your kids care what you look like in your swim suit?  As long as you are having fun, who cares?!  Make sure to pack enough water to drink and sunblock to protect your skin from the hot sun.  Have fun sinking your toes in the sand.

5. CAMPING-Pull out the tents, hot dog sticks, and camping chairs.  What’s better than sitting around a camp fire with family and friends?  Yes, parents, let the kids have two or even three s’mores.  It’s summer, so make the most of it and have a blast!

Now that I have shared some ideas, what’s your favorite thing to do in the summer?

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7/7/2015 3:26 PM an anonymous user.
Now that the fireflies are out and about in Mid-Michigan, pull out one of those glass jars you were going to recycle and punch holes in the lid to put captured fireflies in for kids and adults to examine up close. Fun for all ages to run around and see how many you can catch.
Water fun
7/2/2015 1:15 PM an anonymous user.
We reuse water bottles. Poke a hole in the cover, fill with water and squeeze...Here is your recycled water shooter. The kids love them.
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