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Online Payment Solution

Sure, we all know we can make a loan payment from one financial institution to another by using an ATM or stopping by the branch, but now Frankenmuth Credit Union has yet another convenient option for you.

It's easy to start. All you need is your Frankenmuth Credit Union account number and loan suffix, plus the routing number and account information for the financial institution you will be withdrawing from to make your payment at no cost. Or, you can pay with your debit or credit card, but there will be a fee assessed for this. To get started making payments, click here.

Pay Now-Online Payment




Why Make a Payment This Way?

  • Saves you the time and expense of writing a check and sending it in the mail.

  • You can make your payment anytime.

  • Can pay a loan at Frankenmuth Credit Union from another financial institution.

Payments can be made from a savings/checking account or from a debit/credit card.  You can set up one-time payments or schedule your payment to be made on a recurring basis.  Please note that payments made from a debit or credit card will be assessed a service charge.  Payments initiated by 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday on a business day will settle the next business day.  "Payment amount" indicates  the standard payment due, not necessarily the current amount due.  "Payment Date" indicates the day the funds will be withdrawn.  The payment will be applied to the loan the following business day.

Pay Now-Online Payment

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