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Member Perks

A Frankenmuth Credit Union membership doesn't just give you better service and amazing products, but membership also gives you access to hundreds of dollars in savings and rewards, including:

RX-Prescription Discounts

save up to 75% on prescription drugs

This program is being provided to you and your family to help lower your prescription drug costs. Simply create and print your FREE Prescription Drug Card by clicking the link below and receive savings of up to 75% (discounts average roughly 30%) at more than 68,000 national and regional pharmacies. This card can be used as your primary plan and/or it can be used on prescriptions not covered by your insurance plan. This program also includes other value added programs which will be listed on the card. This card is pre-activated and can be used immediately!


$500 bonus when you purchase or lease a new vehicle from one the participating auto manufacturers

As a loyal member of FCU, we want to bring you value at every turn. So when it comes to getting a new vehicle, you won’t want to miss out on the extra value of BonusDrive. Purchase or lease a vehicle from one of the nation’s leading auto manufacturers and you’ll get a $500 reward no matter what other deals you have in place.
How does it work? After you negotiate with your dealer like you normally would, fill out the quick BonusDrive application online and you’ll receive $500 above any other discounts, incentives or savings you’re already getting. In about six weeks, you’ll get a check at home to spend however you like. It’s really that simple.
Visit the link below to see all the eligible leading auto manufacturers.

Love My CU

Credit Union Member Rewards at the most popular retailers

Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days. And that's just what Love My Credit Union Rewards is all about - helping credit union members save money on the products and services they use every day. Credit union members receive exclusive discounts and benefits from trusted partners! Start saving today. The more offers you take advantage of, the more you save.

V.I.P. Rewards

FCU Value in Participation Rewards Program

We value you our members and the services you use with us. Because of this we have introduced our improved V.I.P. (Value In Participation) Rewards program. Our V.I.P. Reward program reviews the amount of products and services that members use with us and assigns points for that usage. The more services you use with Frankenmuth Credit Union the higher your level and the more of a reward to you. 


Member Financial Counseling

Frankenmuth Credit Union cares about your financial health.  That's why they partnered with Accel, a program of GreenPath Financial Wellness, to provide you with access to free one-on-one, private financial counseling, debt management services and financial education tools.

ID Protect

FCU's proactive approach to protect members from identity theft & cellular telephone protection!

Recouping losses and clearing your credit will take time and money if you are a victim of identity fraud. As your trusted financial partner, your identity protection is our highest priority. We already have procedures in place to detect warning signs of identity theft, such as unusual account activity, and we take immediate action and the appropriate steps to prevent and mitigate any potential identity theft event. Click the link below to see the full benefits of ID Protect.

Insurance Discounts

My Member Insurance Provides Affordable Insurance Solutions to FCU Members

My Member Insurance Agency is an insurance agency that is focused on Frankenmuth Credit Union members. They offer affordable insurance solutions to protect what matters most to you. Click the button below for a free quote.

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